821 Baker St, Cranbrook, BC

Our Beers

Fisher Peak Brewing Company brews all beers on site at the Heid Out. The brew house is located upstairs and contains the brew kettle and lauter tun. The brewery is located downstairs, where the fermentation, conditioning and serving tanks are housed. Read more…



Wild Horse Wit

Our Canadian style wheat ale Belgian Wit is served unfiltered and made from the highest quality Canadian wheat and barley. Brewed with cloves, coriander and fresh Valencia orange peels, this beer is bursting with flavour. IBU 21 ABV 5.0% Malt: Two-row, Cargill White Wheat, Cara Hops: Palisades, Crystal, Cascade


Soggy Otter Brown Ale

A rich, flavourful brown ale that fills your mouth with a fusion of toasted malt and sweet caramel. Finished with a nutty and mild hop bitterness. IBU 32 ABV 5.6 percent Malt: Two-row, Melanoidin, White Crystal, Munich Hops: Chinook, Willamette, Styrian Golding


St Marys Porter

This dark, dry porter has strong chocolate and coffee malt tones. It’s silky smooth on the tongue but is dry on the finish. Deceptively moorish for those who like lots of great flavour. Pairs nicely with the charcuterie plate and ribs. IBU 34 ABV 5.5% Malt: Two-row, Special 8, Medium Crystal, Roasted Barley, Chocolate Hops: Zeus, Crystal


Blonde Ale

The perfect pairing of soft malt notes and subtle hops create a beer that is full of flavour and uniquely refreshing. IBU 16 ABV 4.4% Malt: Two-row, Munich Hops: Perle, Styrian Golding


Elephant Run IPA

A traditional English Pale Ale that is reminiscent of the beers shipped to India from England in the 1800s. Heavily hopped with five different American hops. This IPA is dry hopped with leaf which unleashes a big flavour and aroma with a creamy smooth finish. IBU 56 ABV 6.4% Malt: Two-row, Melanoidin Hops: Perle, GR Tradition, Sterling


Prospector Pilsner

We only use the finest Canadian Two-row malt barley. Never rushed, this lager is fermented cold and long to create a crisp, fresh, and easy drinking beer. IBU 23 ABV 4.8% Malt: Two-row, Melanoidin Hops: Perle, GR Tradition, Sterling



Sam’s Ale

A smooth easy drinking amber ale with a light nutty and malt flavour. This beer is lightly hopped and has a smooth creamy finish. A great thirst quencher on any hot summer day. Only available once a year around mid June – Sam Steele Days. ABV- 4.65 IPU- 12


Christmas Porter

This limited edition porter is a mocha chai blend with an eclectic array of winter warming spices. It includes organic cocoa nibs from West Africa, fresh vanilla beans from Madagascar, cinnamon from Sri Lanka and allspice from the Caribbean. A full bodied porter with a smooth warming finish and prominent cocoa flavor, it may not be a very hoppy beer, but it will bring you some Christmas cheer. IBU 16% ABV 5.5%


Farmhouse Lager

A few centuries ago, farm life had few luxuries other than a table full of hot food, family and friends, a hot fire, and a large tankard of house-brewed farmhouse lager. This Lager is a deep amber color dominated by malty goodness with a mild hop and spicy dry finish. Brewed in the old farmhouse style, this beer is aged for two months then served chilled and unfiltered. Abv 5.1% Ibu 15.63


Avalanche Ale

An amber ale with a rich clover honey aroma, the Avalanche Ale has a subtle haze from the wheat and because it is unfiltered. It is slightly sweet with a hint of citrus malt and caramel. With a low hop bitterness to provide balance, this ale is very drinkable. Abv 5 % Ibu 7.32